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Part XI: 2005

2005In 2004 we decided to leave the Deauville Resort, where we had spent six years. An ideal spot.

Huge auditorium, right on the beach. Restaurants and shops across the road. But in the spirit of the times, it was to be turned into condo apartments and had been allowed to run down.

So we moved into a nondescript downtown Miami hotel, which had good exhibit space, a money maker when exhibitors paid $2000 per booth and we had maybe thirty each time.

The topic was again signal transduction and Fischer and Krebs were invited, but by now Krebs was ill, so Fischer came alone, plus a video of the two of them .

At the dinner we revisited something we had done in 1999. Creating a personalized memento.
In 1999, there were present six of the 25 who were at a glycogen symposium in London in 1963, arranged by Bill Whelan (see photo ). Of the 25, one was already a Nobel Prizewinner and four more would go on to win a Prize. Against a blow up of the photo, the six stood, or sat, in their original places, including Fischer and Krebs, Prizewinners in 1992. A new photo was taken. And everyone signed a huge card on an easel in honor of F and K. We retired at a late hour and expected to collect the card in the morning. It was never seen again.

In 2005, we constructed a family tree descending from Fischer and Krebs, so that, for example, anyone who was there who had worked with Bill Whelan was seen to be related to Fischer.

This time we did not lose the souvenir.