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Part XIX: Not even a punctuation mark

Another Arthur Kornberg story.

I have related how findings reported at the 1982 MWS were on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and in the Business pages of the New York Times the next day.

In the Miami Herald, not even a punctuation mark.

In 1992, the honorary presidents of the MWS were Arthur Kornberg, Severo Ochoa and Federico Mayor, like Severo, another Spanish biochemist.

Arthur you know of . Severo was his fellow Nobelist in 1959.Polynucleotide phosphorylase. Federico, the Director General of UNESCO .

I wrote the publisher of the Herald, David Lawrence, and ranted about 1982. That the Herald did not know, or care, up from down about science.

What would they report about 1992?

The Herald sent a reporter to interview our famous guests at the Fontainebleau, where the MWS was being held.

It was David Lawrence.