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Part XVIII: 2014 – 2018

Elsevier, having inspected the 2013 MWS, offered a five year no cost agreement to manage the Symposia on behalf of the Foundation, which owns the MWS.

The agreement was inked in by Angelo Azzi and Bill Whelan and entered into by the Foundation.

The new MWS series began with brain disorders in 2014 and made a surplus.

In 2015 it was personalized cancer medicine.

A splendid event, marred by the fact that Elsevier had been persuaded to move the date one week earlier.

We had not noticed that this included Martin Luther King Day. A big drop in local,and outside US attendance. Not from Canada. See MWS factoid.

It was aggravating to learn that the reason they were asked to move was not a valid one. Loss, not surplus.

In 2016, inflammation. Great success. Big attendance. Bigger auditorium needed.

Total 345 from 32 countries.

Back into the black .

2017 will be the 50th MWS. Diabetes. For the first time.

2018. Stem cells. Another first.

Elsevier’s world wide conferences are growing in number, over 50 p.a.

Efficiently administered. For MWS there is an intercontinental phone meeting every month to update and massage the arrangements.

At each MWS the staff note comments and suggestions possible improvements. And conducts an electronic survey of attendees. Mixing this with their worldwide experience, the format changes each year .

Thus there are now electronic abstracts.

The program book is more compact. The mini program in the badge holder has been revived.

The Monday evening lecture has gone. Instead a sold out dinner cruise on Biscayne Bay. It leaves from the river walkway outside the Hyatt.

The event opens and closes with a reception for networking, the ending one allowing new friends to say goodbye.

Exhibitors have returned. Our graduate programs are given display space. Poster prizes reinstated.

Every MWS has new features. Ambience increases constantly.

The other Florida research universities have been attracted by being offered the same discounts on registration as for Miami. The student fee has been unchanged for four years. Another fee is lower than in 2013. With the SCCC funding fee waivers, beginning in 2015, fee waivers reached a record high.

After the final reception, senior Elsevier editors conduct a two hour authors workshop, especially useful for graduate students and postdocs.

We have added to the mix . Our Office of Graduate Studies now arranges a career fair where graduate students and postdocs can be interviewed by potential employers.

And a former BMB postdoc. Allyn Golub, funds an invitation only, let your hair down, Tuesday evening party for awardees, speakers, graduate students, postdocs and IUBMB travel fellows in a nearby bar-restaurant.

It was in 2013 that the IUBMB executive committee attended the MWS and decided to greatly expand a long-standing program that brought in young scientists from the developing world that had been started by former IUBMB president Angelo Azzi and joined by Allyn Golub. The IUBMB approved a five year fellowship program at $150,000 over five years, . that brings in about 16 fellows each year, from around the world.