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Part XII: 2006

In 2006 we moved back to the Beach. Ok location.

But this year was notable for our acquiring a new partner, Scripps Florida, newly opened in Jupiter.

We invited them to join in cosponsoring the MWS, a natural thing to do, and in part because we had heard they might begin their own symposium, which they did, for one year.

We had friends on our side, notably that three of our awardees, all Nobellists, were directors of the parent Scripps in California. And the senior scientist at Jupiter was also an awardee.

And a local friend of the MWS was a financial adviser to Scripps, Philip Frost, dermatologist, former UMMSM faculty member, entrepreneur , founder of IVAX, soon to be chair of the UM board of trustees.

In this small world, Frost already knew James Watson.

They had served on an NCI review panel. When Watson was at the 2003 MWS, the Frosts, Philip and Patricia, hosted a dinner for the awardees, at their home on Star Island, the first of several over the years through 2015.

After a visit by Bill Whelan to Jupiter, he was sitting in a faculty meeting when interrupted by a staff member, who told him he had an urgent phone call.

It was Philip Frost, who had been deputed by the Scripps California director to tell

Bill that Scripps would join the MWS .

And so to 2007.