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Part VIII: 2000-2002

mwshist2000Into the 21st century. Bill Whelan no longer organized the MWS. It was Murray Deutscher. Another change had been that in 1998, the Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, via its Director, Jerry Goodwin, had joined as a sponsor, replacing the original cosponsor, the Pap Institute.

Yet another change was that a long-time BMB staff member , Sandy Black, who had worked her way up to be the MWS executive director , retired to Tennessee. But via the Internet she continued in her role , until 2008.

She is seen here, with Bill Whelan.

Sandy continues her work for the MWS.

The recipients of the hundreds of MWS fee waivers granted since 2009, will recognize her name.

The MWS continued at the Deauville Resort. Good topics and good attendances.

Then, for 2003, Bill Whelan returned by osmosis for a double golden anniversary.