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Part VII: MWS 1999

mwshist1999The 1999 MWS was on signal transduction. We met for the first time in the Deauville Resort on Miami Beach, as already noted, a splendid beachside location, with a large auditorium and adjoining exhibit space.

The auditorium was needed, because the attendance made it the second largest ever MWS, with 762 attendees.

It honored the 1992 Nobel Prizewinners, Edmond Fischer and Edwin Krebs, whose seminal discovery of protein phosphorylation and dephosphorylation had founded the field of signal transduction. It was the year of their eightieth birthdays.

Bill Whelan had announced that he was stepping down from his role in organizing the MWS. As a parting gift, the director from Nature faked a Nature front cover, shown here, showing Bill at a podium haranguing a meeting. It had been taken a year earlier. The audience was the Miami Convention Bureau. Bill’s message was that the MWS had been in existence for 30 years but the MCB, which would sell its soul to get the Super Bowl here once in ten years, ignored the fact that we also made a huge, and annual, economic impact on the Miami area. Time to help the MWS. They got the message and found the Deauville for us and began to staff our visitors desk.

Into the 21st century, sans Whelan.

Watch this space.