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Part III: 1980-1985

The MWS 1980-1985.

In 1980 the MWS moved to Miami Beach, to the former Playboy Hotel, where the organizers were accommodated in Hugh Heffner’s suite.

In that year, the Lynen Lecturer, Fred Sanger, and speakers Paul Berg, the 1977 Lynen Lecturer, and Walter Gilbert, the following October shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. For Sanger, it was his second such Prize. A record still unequalled . The first was for what, and when?

In 1982, announcements made at the MWS made it to the New York Times and Washington Post the next day (but not the Miami Herald). It was reported that “For a few days in January, this South Florida watering place became the biotechnology capital of the world.”

In 1984, the Papanicolau Institute closed and BMB became the only sponsor.

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The period 1985-1989 was the most important in the history of the MWS.