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MWS Fee Waivers

Fee waivers are available to attend the next MWS on Diabetes. January 22-25, 2017. Currently a waiver will be granted immediately to anyone who is submitting an abstract.

Deadline November 7th. One waiver per abstract.

After that, waivers will be awarded in order of the original date of application.

Apply via the U of Miami portal at

Last time BMB personnel received 34 waivers, far more than any other department in the School.

Update 11.11.2016
At the poster deadline of November 7th, 186 , and counting, posters had been received and immediate waivers granted to eligible applicants. The deadline has been extended to November 18. Waivers are still available to poster presenters. Others will join the wait list. It is unlikely that many of the latter applications will be successful.

New waiver sources are Bionium, the Department of Surgery and FIU.

A record 70 applications for IUBMB travel fellowships were received. Twenty were granted. Mostly come from Asia and Africa. Welcome them at the poster boards. They will again be wearing red rosettes with the IUBMB logo. For these fellows, an experience they will remember all their lives.

Students and postdocs should join them at the invitation only Tuesday evening party (location TBA) with the awardees and speakers .