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What’s in a name?

The first symposium, in 1968, was Biochemistry alone.

No idea what it was called.

The next was with the Pap Institute so it became the Biochemistry PCRI Symposium. This name continued for a few years until at a monthly faculty meeting we pondered about a more elegant name.

Someone suggested Miami Winter Symposium.

Eureka! And so it continued until 1987.

Then Nature approached us and offered to cancel their competing symposia in Boston and New Orleans if they could join with us. We agreed and in 1988 we held the first Miami Bio/Technology Winter Symposium, using the name of their new magazine.

A story for another day, but this was instrumental in the name change of our Department from Biochemistry to BMB , which was opposed within the Medical School. Bill Whelan went to the Faculty Senate, displaying the announcements from Nature about the merger of the symposia that demonstrated our commitment to molecular biology. The Provost approved the name change. Nature was now giving us major and free publicity. The 1988 MB/TWS remains the largest symposium we have ever staged.

In the mid 1990s, it became the Miami Nature Biochemistry Winter Symposium, when the name of the journal changed , and remained so until 2013, when our 25-year partnership with Nature ended.

Now we are back to Miami Winter Symposium, a name that is protected through the State
of Florida.