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The Chinese are doing it too

We used the Four Ambassadors Hotel for the MWS during 1969-1979. It had just opened and was the only downtown hotel capable of staging the MWS.

Just behind Brickell Avenue, overlooking Biscayne Bay.

Looking over the Bay, we could see a narrow island, Claughton Island, with a few trees. There was an ordinance that allowed the owner of such property to develop it if the ownership was prior to, I think , 1924.
With each MWS we began to see changes. Bulldozers had been ferried over. Trees cut down, piles driven in.

Then nothing happened for a few years. Trees grew again.

Your correspondent lives in a condo six blocks south and has a birds eye view of the scene . Around 1979, a causeway was built across and an enormous expansion took place. High rise condos, shops and restaurants. The Mandarin Hotel.

The island now had a new name.

Brickell Key.
The allusion to China is to the South China Sea.

But there is a direct China connection to Brickell Key.

Google Swire.