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Sleepless in Miami

Yes, Miami. Not Seattle.

The Lynen Lecturer at the 1971 MWS was Arthur Kornberg. DNA polymerase I, 1959 Nobel Prize.

The series began with Lynen in 1968.

My life and acetyl coenzyme A.

Then Hans Krebs, the citric acid cycle.

Never the Krebs cycle. He was too modest. And a few years earlier he would have called it the TCA cycle. Why?

In 1970, George Wald, yet another Nobelist.

“Vision and the mansions of life.”

Until then the Lynen Lecture had opened the Symposium. Wald went on for 100 minutes.

The lecture was moved to the end of the first day.

We were in the Four Ambassadors Hotel and for three nights we took Arthur and Sylvy Kornberg for dinner there. At the end of the meal, the maitre d’ asked us if we would like the speciality of the house, Jamaican coffee. We agreed.

Around that time, I had developed a super sensitivity to caffeine. I had a sleepless night.

The next evening, the same after dinner question.

I explained my caffeine problem. The waiter said he would make it with decaf coffee, Sanka.

Fine, but again I was sleepless.

The third night I asked him what else went into this concoction. Tia Maria was the reply. Crawling with caffeine. I asked him just to use the basic alcoholic ingredient of Tia Maria, Jamaican rum.

I slept like a baby.

We named this drink

Sanka Maria